Ambrosio Benudiz


I started this event when I wanted to give back to Southlake Hospital after my wife Andrea was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer after a surgical procedure . This was a very hard thing for me to digest as we had 2 young daughters and I couldn't think of raising them without her.  The only way I knew how to process this, was to give back to the community that helped detect her cancer in the early stages. After 1 year of numerous testing she is now Cancer free! This event is extremely important for the community because Southlake Cancer Unit gets new technology & equipment brought in when they have events like this! 


Krystine Ross.jpg

Krystine Ross


I started this event with my dear friend Ambrosio when he wanted to give back to Southlake after his wife and friend of mine was diagnosed at Southlake for Cervical Cancer and is now Cancer free!

This past summer my mom was diagnosed with Breast was it a shock. I have known people that have faught and been lost to Cancer but you never think and you hope it will never happen to someone so close to you. My mom has struggled with her health for many, many years so this was a kick in the face and a big blow for our family (as it is to anyone). We were so fortunate that they were able to remove the cancer with a single Mastectomy and she is now Cancer free and doing preventative measures. After that scary few months of feeling so helpless it really solidified the importance of continuing this event for the community. 



Sara Woodruff

Communications coordinator

Like many of us I have had loved ones touched by Cancer, some are survivors, some are still fighting and some are loved on in our hearts. My first ‘real’ connection to cancer was 14 years ago when my father was diagnosed (thanks to early detection) with the most aggressive form of stomach cancer. They promptly removed his entire stomach (yes the whole thing- ask me about it) and he is with us today living in a 1% of stomach cancer survivors!! Recently my uncle was diagnosed with brain cancer and given a timeline that is difficult for me to accept. I am apart of Crossfit to Crossout Cancer because I KNOW first hand it makes a difference- the funds support the technology that saved my father and offers supports to patients and families of those fighting today, like my uncle.